Volunteer & What People Are Saying

We are always looking for friendly faces to help with a variety of activities like:


  • Preparing vegan snacks for events
  • Hanging up event posters
  • Creating event posters
  • Staffing our Northern Vegans information table at various events
  • Serving on the Board of Directors
  • Helping with event set-up/clean-up
  • Being a vegan mentor for newbies
  • Providing rides to Northern Vegans events for those without transportation

Call us at 906-236-1279 or e-mail info@northernvegans.com to get your name on our list of helpers.

What people are saying about Northern Vegans:

“I have been a vegetarian for about 7 years and I am so happy for the way it has changed my health and influenced the world. However, after watching the Northern Vegans showing of Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret and after a long talk with my amazing husband, I have decided that the only way to live what I believe is to go vegan.” Zoe Ryan

“Awesome group! Made such a huge difference in my transition to becoming vegan and can proudly say I have been vegan for 3 years now!”  Ashley Leisner (June, 2014)

“I saw a poster for an event hosted by Northern Vegans. It was for a film called “Eating”. I honestly didn’t care what it was about, I was excited to meet actual people like us. I never thought I’d find that in little ole Marquette. The film brought to life the real fact that dairy is just as harmful, if not more harmful to our health than meat. By this time cheese, ice cream and random desserts, were the only non-vegan items in our diet. We quickly made the decision to go vegan and took just about 2 months to phase out cheese.”  Kim Benson-Custard

“Vegan people believe that animals aren’t things.” Henry Plummer (at 5 years old)

“The fact is vegan men are the strongest men around- they have the strength to live compassionately in an often uncompassionate world.  They have the strength to go against the grain of false truths when the real truth is really simple and right in front of our faces.  Vegan men have the strength of conviction and a balance of emotional, intellectual, and even physical strength that will make them a force in redefining manhood for the betterment of humanity and the entire world.”  Jeff Plummer (May of 2016 and founding member of Northern Vegans)


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