Upcoming Events

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Please join us at an event sometime soon.  We regularly get together the first Wednesday of every month for  a vegan dinner. We are also getting together the second Monday of the month for our Northern Vegans Meet & Greet potluck.   Plus there are always additional events throughout the year.  You can join our events on Facebook.  Visit us at www.facebook.com/NorthernVegans and click on Events for more info.

June Monthly Dinner


Join Northern Vegans for our monthly dinners every first Wednesday of the month. Everyone is welcome.

For June we meet on Wednesday, June 7th at 6pm at Babycakes in Marquette

Please order vegan* options when joining us.
No RSVP is required. Everyone is welcome.

Babycakes is located at 223 W. Washington St. in Marquette.  Kim, the owner, will be staying open later just for us and making everything from scratch- all vegan of course! Several gluten-free items as well.  Vegan muffins!

All of our events are posted on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/NorthernVegans

*Vegan omits all animal products including meat, dairy, eggs, and honey. Anything from the plant kingdom is vegan.


Northern Vegans Second Monday Potluck


Location: Presque Isle Park in Marquette
Time: 6:30 pm
When: Second Monday of the Month
Who: Everyone welcome!

Our potlucks are growing each month as the word gets out about how delicious the food is.  Please join us on the second Monday of each month at 6:30 pm for a vegan potluck.  Everyone is asked to bring a vegan dish to share, their own table service (plates, bowls, napkins, glass, utensils, etc.), and their own beverage.  If you love to cook, feel free to bring more than one dish.  If you don’t cook or don’t have access to a kitchen, come anyway.  The important thing is that you come.  All are welcome!  Next one on June 12th!

For the months of June, July, August, and September we will be gathering at Marquette’s Presque Isle Park in the picnic area across from the pavilion with the attached bathrooms.  We have a room reserved at the Peter White Public Library in case of inclement weather.  Call Natasha at 906-235-5430 and/or check Facebook on the day of the event if you are unsure about the weather.   www.facebook.com/NorthernVegans


What The Health Was a Wonderful Success!

Northern Vegans WTH 015

Henry Plummer (left) and Jeff Plummer. Jeff is a founding member of Northern Vegans and is a co-owner of City Green Market- an all vegan natural food store in downtown Negaunee.  CGM provided delicious vegan refreshments.


Northern Vegans WTH 014

Border Grill provided delicious vegan appetizers.

Premiered on Thursday, April 20, 2017 at the Thomas Theater in Marquette, Michigan.

We brought around 130 people! Show time was at 7pm.  Complimentary vegan appetizers started at 6pm donated by Border Grill; Babycakes; Marquette Food Co-op; and City Green Market. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY AND DELICIOUS VEGAN FOOD AND REFRESHMENTS!  Also, THANK YOU to Kara McDonald-Young for taking photos!

Northern Vegans WTH 013

Marquette Food Co-op provided delicious vegan appetizers.

A successful evening. We got wonderful feedback from many people who are planning to make some serious dietary changes and found What The Health to be a persuasive and powerful film. Knowledge is power.

Northern Vegans WTH 012

BabyCakes provided delicious vegan muffins.

We have gotten some fantastic feedback from so many of you. Change is possible. Eradicating our most common and deadly diseases are possible. We will discover along the way that plant foods are bountiful. A 100% plant-based diet is satisfying, diverse, and enables us to live in harmony with the earth and with sentient beings. Every year on a vegan or plant-based diet you will save at least 95 non-human lives.  Every year! We all win!

Northern Vegans WTH 027

In the Party Room.  Complimentary delicious vegan food samples.

Northern Vegans WTH 041

People in line to enter the theater.  Free vegan literature also being handed out to everyone.

Best of health to Everyone!

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  1. Simone Chiodini says:

    I will be coming with a pie!

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