Vegan Businesses/Opportunities/Travel


New Local Resource for U.P. Vegans and Those Interested in Making the Transition
Natasha Lantz, one of the founding members of Northern Vegans, recently started Plant Centered Living (PCL).  PCL helps people to better understand the joys and challenges their transition to a plant centered lifestyle will bring and how to articulate what being plant centered truly means to those around them—family, friends, health care providers, co-workers, etc.  Having confidence in one’s decision to lead a plant centered lifestyle is critical to the successful navigation of daily living in a world that is not designed to make the healthy and ethical choice, the easy choice.  PCL offers a range of resources from mentoring to Natasha’s Notes, a practical 75-page resource guide.  Plant Centered Living services and resources are available to those living in the U.P. and anywhere around the world, so please help Natasha get the word out by sharing the website with your personal networks.  Visit, email or call 906.235-5430 to learn more.


Veg Voyages- Asia Adventures

Sweet Thyme Inn – Virginia

Farm Sanctuary

The White Pig Bed & Breakfast – Virginia

Green Earth Travel

Voyage of the Wanderbird Cruises
*Will accommodate vegan diets & have offered 100% vegan cruises

Holistic Holiday at Sea

Ken’s Karetaking
(Founding Northern Vegans member)
Eco-friendly property caretaking and management in the Driftless (Coulee) Region of Wisconsin:


4 Responses to Vegan Businesses/Opportunities/Travel

  1. JC says:

    Visit a vegan vacation and settlement destination in the USA: Bring it on down to Veganville!

  2. veganswithappetites says:

    Vegans with Appetites are on a mission to break the stereotype that being vegan is a sacrifice and that vegan travel has to be difficult and limiting. By sharing our adventures and experiences we want to show others that it’s possible, even easy, to travel the world cruelty-free.

  3. I’m a Yooper who now lives in Northern California. I was just in the UP & Traverse City last August. I was excited by some of the vegan options I found near the Soo & in TC. I now blog about being Vegan in Napa Valley! It is really cool that you started this site! It almost makes me want to move back to Michigan!

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