Let me see…I don’t actually know how much I weighed when I started because it was a while (few weeks) before I finally weighed myself after changing to an all vegan diet.  When I did weigh myself I was 223.  This morning I weighed in at 176.

I became vegan the beginning of February.  I share a house with a friend. Our bedrooms are situated across a hallway from each other.  She commented 2 to 3 months ago that I no longer snore.  Actually she has been eating vegan mostly for about 5 months and I’ve noticed she’s not snoring either!  Since we’re both still overweight, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not necessarily being fat that causes snoring but something else. Something diet related.  About 12 years ago I lost 70 to 80 pounds and weighed 118 pounds.  I was still eating meat but only white meat.  In spite of being lean, my boyfriend told me I snored.

Once a group of women and myself rented a hotel room together so we didn’t have a terribly early morning and long drive the day of an archery tournament in which we were all competing.  In the morning, one of the women told me I kept her up all night with my snoring.  She was angry; I was mortified.  I am thrilled that I no longer snore!

The other thing that has changed is my body no longer hurts as much.  I’m not saying I’m totally pain-free, but there’s an 80% lessening of pain.  Every morning I’d wake up and feel as if someone had beat on me all night long.  I’d have to grip the bottom sheet to roll onto my side and slowly, painfully brace myself with my hands to get into a sitting position.  Then I’d slide onto the floor.  Everything hurt.  Now I just sit up, swing my legs over to the edge of the bed and get up.  I can trot down the stairs first thing without having to warm my muscles up preparing to the descent and I no longer brace myself between the two walls on either side of the stairway for fear I’ll fall.  I am so much more agile it’s fun to move.

I haven’t counted a single calorie.  I have no chart to do so.  I don’t weigh food or limit my consumption of food.  I do eat totally organic and I’ve developed a real appreciation for cucumbers and bell peppers.  Yum!


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