My name is Kevin, and I grew up in a meat-and-potatoes family.  Since neither of my parents liked animals and my mom was a neat freak, we never had pets.  Animals meant nothing to me.  After I had been on my own for awhile and was living in Florida, I befriended a cat who lived with a neighbor, which inspired me to begin volunteer work at a shelter there for dogs and cats.  I adopted the two cats I live with today from that shelter.  As time went by, I began to realize the shelter animals and these two special cats were just like people with unique personalities and an ability to feel fear and pain.  One day as I was preparing a meal (with ground beef), the thought hit me: why was I eating one animal while caring for two others like my own children?  Beyond simple appearance, what’s the difference between a cow, a pig, a chicken, and a cat, and why should they be treated any differently?  At this point, I suddenly realized the image society had made of food animals was just a facade to rationalize our cruel mistreatment of creatures which had the misfortune to be born with tasty flesh, then vowed to stop eating meat.

Kevin’s typical daily menu


  • -bowl of cereal and raisins topped with rice dream; or bowl of oatmeal with raisins; or two slices of toast (Rudi’s organic bakery or Natural Ovens Bakery) topped with sugar-free fruit spread or Toffuti cream cheese with glass of rice dream and Yves veggie sausage patties
  • -1/2 grapefruit (in season)
  • -2 Barbara’s fig bars
  • -banana


  • -two soft pretzels topped with mustard or sandwich (Rudi’s or Natural Ovens bread); or peanut butter and jelly; or Yves veggie cuisine mock lunchmeat with Toffuti dairy-free cheese
  • -handful of peanuts or soy nuts
  • -piece of seasonal fruit


  • -spaghetti or vegan ravioli with marinara sauce and salad; or veggie burgers or hot dogs; or Tofurky veggie brats
  • -numerous other options (such as Skillet Macaroni or Veggie Hash) served with baked white potato or yam and seasonal steamed vegetable with most options other than spaghetti/ravioli


  • -Rice Dream or Tofutti non-dairy dessert
  • -Luigi’s Italian Ice
  • -pretzels
  • -tortilla chips
  • -seasonal fruit
  • -peanuts or soy nuts



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